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Why Good Friday is so Good

First of all, full disclosure, this isn't a news post. But I think it's important to recognize what today is...good Friday. It's the Friday before Easter or the Resurrection. And it wasn't until I got older that I realized its importance in our lives.

This was the day that Jesus was nailed to the cross and he would suffer for our sins alongside common criminals next to him. He would be mocked, whipped, and laughed at repeatedly by the solider who put him there.

But it all was to happen for us to be free of sin. One of the first verses I'll bet you learned in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School was John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him won't die but will have everlasting life."

I learned the King James version of that but whatever translation you're reading it says that yes, we sin and yes we should ask forgiveness from God but because of that sacrifice that is possible.

I am thinking of what it must have been like that night watching him hang there suffering. It wasn't apparent to some that would be the gesture and the sacrifice that would allow us to live freely and our sins could be forgiven. HE wants us to know we've sinned and to realize and repent to HIM but our Father also wants us to know that it is by the blood of his only son we are forgiven. No one can know the FATHER without knowing the SON. And we have a relationship with our LORD because of this sacrifice. And it means promises kept, Jesus said he would come back and he did, three days later.

These are just my thoughts. I wish you and yours a Good Friday and hope that you'll think on these things.


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