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Oh My Stars! This. Was. Amazing.

(the following is a restaurant review of sorts, an editorial, an opinion piece---just clarifying)

It's been open since November and you might've driven past it on the corner of Olive and Main in Lamar but last night (Thursday) Hubs and I didn't pass it up. The Chophouse Restaurant.

The amazing experience led us through the entry doors (on Olive) and into a cool old renovated building, the Max Hotel, which has been around for decades. But this restaurant opened in November, waiter Jon tells us. They've had some events and are planning a few more things to come. More on that in a bit.

We walked into a beautiful dining area which had relaxing feel. After we were seated, waiter Jon explains that we were there on Ladies Night and that I could mosey my way into the bar area where a chocolate fountain awaited me with goodies like strawberries to place on skewers and drown in chocolate. Well, OK. This is an appetizer I can get on board with. I also discovered some sort of brownie bite that was this side of heaven. I actually inquired on if the creator of this incredible treat was available to chat. Sure enough, manager Violet appeared and explained what she did to make this almost illegal sinful morsel of chocolaty goodness. Oh my. Uh, yeah, no photo of this, because I ate it before I thought of that, not even sorry. It was THAT good.

Hubs and I both ordered the sirloin, he opted for a baked potato and I choose the creamy, garlic mashed potatoes. The steaks were beautiful and just as delicious. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this experience and it truly was just that, an experience. They use Colorado beef and also Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil. This is perhaps why it was so yummy and when you use local products you support the people who come in to enjoy the food, but also the community.

Waiter Jon reappeared at the perfect moment to ask us if everything was just right and it was.

Manager Violet also came to tell us they are planning a High Tea, complete with the wearing of tea apparel and hats....of course. The establishment is also planning live music for the bar area, and a Sunday brunch is in the works soon.

I know if you've read this far, you're wondering what is on the menu. Here is a link to what's offered now.

I have never really written up a little review of a restaurant but I was happy to find this little gem in Southeast Colorado. I hope you will give it a try.


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