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Media Watchdogs Are Everywhere, But Who is Watching Them?

***The following is an opinion piece, an editorial, NOT a NEWS story***

(Colorado) -- I do think my eyes are going to roll so far back into my head that someday, they'll just stay there. And I'll look weird and likely will be just wearing sunglasses all the time. I hope that day doesn't come but friends, I feel like it's fast approaching.

You don't have to look far to see someone sharing a post without some social justice keyboard warrior putting on her cape to save the world. "That's not a credible source!" "That's irresponsible!" "You shouldn't use that source because that source is right winged, or leftist or pro purple no drama llama."

Eye roll.

I wrote it rather than actually doing it because I'm exhausted from all of the crap, yes, I said crap, we're seeing on Facebook. It's mostly Facebook, Twitter has its own issues and the beautiful people are all on the gram, Instagram. A few folks have tried Telegram, Truth Social (alert, Orange Man platform) and Rumble in lieu of YouTube. Just ask Tim Pool and Joe Roegan how they feel about YouTube. Spotify has received its own criticism as well.

It's now as if you can almost go to college and get a degree in being offended. They'll teach you all the core classes like how to eloquently call someone out for not having the same beliefs as you. God forbid you use or quote a source that's not on their snowflake approved list.

Eye roll!

Fact Check! Snopes! it's enough to make you crazy when someone chimes in, "Uh, nope. Fake News!" here's a link I found and will paste here to show you how wrong you are and how right I am.

Eye roll.

What ever happened to a reader being informed enough with enough reading comprehension that they can absorb something and make up their own mind? There was actually a Media Literacy bill that sought to arm teachers with special curriculum to fight FAKE news and teach kids what they're reading REALLY means.

With more than 60 percent of Colorado students not able to even read at their grade level, how about just teaching them to understand what they're reading and let them decide?

(NO eye roll here, you should be very concerned our kids can't understand what they read)

I'm not sure if we can rewind the tape and go back to when people weren't such sissies. Not the word I've heard others use but the one that fits on this platform.

(No drama NEWS Llama is the official mascot of CNYW)

I've always tried to be as respectful as possible as a journalist. I've always reached out to BOTH sides to chime in on a story or issue. This is especially true when covering elections. But just because I've reached out does NOT mean they've responded and want to comment, interview or talk. And when the other side does, I've got a responsibility to air, print, publish that. Is it fair to punish them just because not everyone was in the game? They were invited to the game, but chose (their choosing) not to be in the game. That's their right.

Equal opportunity does not always mean equal outcome. That's just life.

I haven't gotten everything I wanted in life and every time I haven't, I've learned something and become better for it.

I'm done. I think. At least I am done for now.

Are you.....yet?

I think you might be. ;)

Anne Boswell


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