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Happening now

Lincoln County Fair,
Peak View Ranch

Understanding that more people from urban areas are driving to experience county fairs in small towns, one fair has adapted with new attractions.  Listen to our interview with Lincoln County's Tim Andersen here.

It's Fall Y'all!

A Bent County pumpkin patch and corn maze open to the public for family outings, field trips, photo ops and you get to take a pumpkin.

Time for Apples!

Learn how to make apple cider from the Farmer's Almanac

Organic Apples

Phases of the Moon Are Important in Crop Planting & Animal Care

Find moon phase information for upcoming full moons, new moons and more via Farmer's Almanac.

R-Calf USA News

See the latest news from R-Calf USA.

4H & Future Farmers of America

Our local students involved in 4H and FFA are the next generation of farmers and ranchers.  Support them and check out our 4H/FFA tab on the page to stay up to date on their awesome achievements.

How To: Endless Supply Herbs

Watch the video below to learn how to grow an endless supply of herbs!

Support Local

Support local beef producers, Taylor Cattle.

Harvesting Crop Field

To those that work in acres, not hours...

Thank you!

National 4H Week is Coming Soon...