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Do You Still Smell the 80s and Maybe Early 90s?

(this is an opinion piece, an editorial)

If you're like me there are times something can trigger a memory and you can still smell it. Emotions flood you like it was yesterday.

My story here started when I was scrolling Facebook, something we would've never believed would be a daily ritual had you told us this our sophomore year in high school. I came across a meme that says it all.

Yeah, that.

It's funny how waiting for our favorite song would never be an option today. You can just literally hear it anytime you want. In many ways, the technology is cool that has allowed this. I love social media because I can stay connected with friends and family far away but there's a melancholy feel about some of the memories on social media that Gen Xers are sharing of late.

If you're on Tik Tok, there's a trend to edit together a big flood of things that only existed in that time and put a very recognizable hit song in the background. Oh my. Some of those things I though I had forgotten about, until I hadn't. I'm sure you feel the same if we are "about" the same age.

Back to the taping a song off the radio. I was pretty lucky to have had a radio engineer for a stepdad and he was very cool. I mean, when the station no longer needed the 33s of Casey Kasum's weekly top 40, he would bring them home and give them to me!!!!! Oh my stars. Like....yes! Fer sure, totally awesome, ya know?

Here's a link to article about the show in case you're younger and just interested in Gen X culture (as you should be)