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The Sunflowers are Out And So Was....


I am writing this to say there are some harbingers of fall I've noticed living here in SE Colorado. One tell tale sign for sure is the blooming of the wild sunflowers in the road ditches and along waterways.

Today, Tuesday, I went out for a little walk to clear my head. There's been a lot of news lately if you haven't been following. There's been a lot of bad news especially for our small community.

There are ways to tell what's coming, like fall with the sunflower as I mentioned above and there are times when we just do not know. That's been a big process for me, the journalist, reporter that often needs to know why and of course the when, the where, the who and sometimes the how. That's hard, y'all, I'm not gonna lie.

And today I was also aware that I cannot capture everything beautiful to preserve it or show it to you. I caught the sunflowers, they weren't moving but what you don't see here in my photos is the owl that I happened upon and startled. I could've quickly readied my camera but then something told me to just enjoy the moment. We used to do that a whole lot more when we weren't carrying around a little phone with a camera that can capture it all.

The owl was seriously just meant to enjoy and leave it be.

If you see a break in the news for a day every now and then, please be patient as I'm trying to be my best self and that requires a break.

~Anne Boswell

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