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19 Days with Covid 19

Written in January of 2022, posted now--just because

First of all, I am going to tell you after two years into this pandemic, that Covid is real.

I wanted you to know just what it's like to have Covid 19, for me anyway.

I've been pretty sick in the past, pulmonary emboli in 2006, bronchitis several times along the way. As I sat in Urgent Care at my local clinic and listened to the nurse adorned in

PPE head to toe tell me I had Covid, I didn't know what to think, what was next or what to do.

I was stunned. Hubs was in the mountains hunting alone and had been more for more than a week, I was only going to work for a couple of hours a day and then straight home. I hadn't even gone shopping for several weeks. How in the world?......

Ok, so enough of that. It was time to fight. I told the provider at the clinic that I wanted the antibody infusion treatment, and a refill of some albuterol and bromide for my nebulizer. I had a vitamin stock already planned, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, magnesium, apple pectin, selenium etc. A neighbor brought me soup, juice and few other things, left them and my time on the hill would begin. Quarantine. I felt so bad that it seemed like gift that I was to stay at home and away from others to heal. Hubs came home from his hunting trip and had to quarantine with me because of his job. That was perfect, because he kept me well and fed. He ended up testing positive too so we just settled into Covid Camp.

Every day was just another day. Some were harder than others.....I kept friends updated on social media because I needed the rest and it seemed like my phone was buzzing. Not complaining about that, it's a great feeling to have that many people worried about you.

Here are a few of the entries I made:

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