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Arrest Affidavit Obtained in Loaf & Jug Incident

(disclosure: normally, a story such as this wouldn't get as much media attention as it has, however, it has received so much community interest that we are following up on it for you and have obtained the arrest affidavit that explains more of what happened)

(Las Animas, CO) -- An arrest affidavit, a court document, shows there were two victims in Saturday morning's incident at the Las Animas Loaf and Jug. The document states that Kirkland Linton of Colorado Springs and Quintin Gilbert of Las Animas were identified as victims.

According to the statement given by Bent County Deputy Chance Dupree, he was dispatched to the Loaf and Jug parking lot on a report of a vehicular assault between a car and a pick up truck.

Deputy Dupree wrote that he inquired of what happened to the truck that Kirkland Linton owns. Linton did not tell Deputy Dupree what happened explaining that he didn't want to be a snitch. Linton explained that he and Phillip Hayden were in a fight over his girlfriend inside the store and took it outside. It was then that Linton stated that Hayden attempted to run over him with a car, Linton was able to jump out of the way before Hayden hit his truck. Deputy Dupree then asked Linton if he needed medical care and he said if he did, he would just drive himself. Quinten Glibert, according to the statement, was next to the truck at the time when Hayden ran into the side of it. Gilbert had no comment on seeing or hearing anything.

Video footage from the convenience store is being reviewed along with video shot by a bystander.

Hayden is expected to be in court on August 1st, according to the Bent County Docket.

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