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Weekend Chaos at Loaf & Jug

(Las Animas, CO) -- When something happens at a small town convenience store, it doesn't take long for the rumors to start to make the rounds.

And here's what happened early Saturday morning.

According to the Bent County Sheriff's office Jail Info website, Phillip Hayden was booked into the jail at 02:15 on July 16th on several charges. This is in direct time correlation to the video that has surfaced recording the alleged incident. That video is not being released until the district attorney has reviewed all available information and possible evidence in the case.

CNYW has confirmed with the district attorney's office that there is an ongoing investigation and that Hayden is on the docket to be in court. All evidence regarding the incident is being reviewed right now, including video from the store which is standard in a case such as this.

Hayden was booked on the following charges:

  • 1402(1) CARELESS DRIVING Other

  • 18-2-101. Criminal attempt (VAR) Other

  • 18-3-106(1)(B) Vehicular homicide, operates/drives DUI alcohol/drugs (F3) Felony 3

  • 42-4-1602(1) hit and run Other

We do not have any more information at this point. We are following this and will release what we can when we are able to do so.


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