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A Letter to the Editor

The following letter is from Tom Hibbs, Otero County resident.

In Kentucky, our family owns a working, producing farm. None of you who know me would think of me as a farmer, but I've been somewhat involved either working on the farm as a kid or advising my mother during her many years owning the farm and now as farmer for the family. As a farmer, I joined the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

This is a fact that I didn't know from the latest RMFU newsletter: As Russian President Vladimir Putin cuts off displaced civilians in Ukraine from food, the world’s hunger numbers will grow exponentially. In Ukraine, 70% of that nation’s land is used to feed the world. It provides 18% of the globe’s barley, 16% of its corn and 12% of its wheat.

Putin's war is a war against the world, just to show much muscle he has.. This is not WWW. For one, I hope we support Ukraine enough to win. I'm willing to wait to fight inflation and put the Ukraine invasion at the top of my priority list.

Tom Hibbs