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Wind, Wildfires, Tornadoes, Drought, The Wild West Weather

(Las Animas, CO) -- The National Weather Service reports that Wednesday humidity will be higher than in recent days. That's likely good news to southeast Colorado ravaged by wildfires the month of April. And now we move into tornado season. Just a little reminder that we work with the national weather service and will alert you to any news we have of a storm headed your way. We will also make sure to educate on the differences between weather statements, watches and warnings. It's complicated, I know. But we've never lived in a time where the resources for learning are so abundant.

Even the Otero County Sheriff makes sure we are aware of how to stay safe in wildfires which has a lot to do with preparation. Sheriff Shawn Mobley shared this infographic this week.

And Tucker Allmer of The Barn Media who delivers Colorado AG news to us even focused on wildfires in today's (Wednesday May 4th) cast. You can hear it right here.

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control goes around the state with a mobile training unit to make sure our rural firefighters have access to top notch training.

Here's a quick little video.

So, moving into the NADER season as we called it back home. Tornadoes can form quickly so that's why the watches are put out. A watch just tells us that we're going to have some weather historically and scientifically capable of throwing down some rotation. We keep an eye on these days because I joke that I'm not sure if I want to wear shoes to bed or not. Um, I usually don't, but trust me, they are close by, just in case.

We work with the National Weather Service for information and education to better serve you. We are certified weather spotters with the Weather Ready nation, or SKYWarn program. That means we can pass along infographics like this to help you understand the storm and react accordingly.

~Anne Boswell


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