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Choice in Energy Question on Agenda

A state question that could appear on your November ballot goes before the state title board this week for a hearing. The "Consumer Choice in Energy" is the title of one proposed ballot initiative that will be heard on Wednesday, April 3rd.

If the bill passes, it would keep state and local governments from prohibiting the use of specific energy sources. You would not be able to be told what kind of stove you can buy and own. It would mean there would not be a ban on gas stoves, hot water heating systems, and cooling systems.

A hearing is scheduled for April 3rd at 9:00 AM with the Title Board.

The information from the Colorado Secretary of State's website on the hearing is as follows:

Notice of Title Board Meeting In accordance with Colorado Initiative and Referendum law1, you are hereby notified that the Initiative Title Setting Review Board, consisting of the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Director of the Office of Legislative Legal Services, or their designees, will meet to fix the title for the proposed initiatives listed below. The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 03, 2024, at 9:00 A.M. in the Red Rocks Conference Room, located on the 5th floor of the Secretary of State’s office at 1700 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80290. Elevator access to the 5th floor is only available from the building’s lobby level. Designated representatives are required to attend in-person and will need to complete a notarized affidavit. A notary will be onsite. The public may attend the meeting in-person or online, to hear the discussion and to comment, use the following link:

The Board will also accept written comment from the public ahead of the meeting. You may submit your comments to All timelines to file initiative and motions for rehearing still apply. Please be advised, the Title Board may adjourn and resume the hearing the following morning, April 04, 2024, if the hearing continues into the evening at the discretion of the Board. In the event of an office closure issued by the Secretary of State or a statewide closure issued by the Governor’s Office, the Title Board may postpone the hearing to the next day or the next scheduled meeting. Designated Representatives and anyone who files a motion for rehearing will be notified by email; the public will be notified by an updated Notice of Meeting. All efforts will be made to ensure participants and the public are notified as soon as possible. II. Measures to be heard The following measures were filed with the Secretary of State for consideration at the Title Board meeting.

1Section 1-40-106(1), C.R.S. (2020). Main Number Administration Fax (303) 894-2200 (303) 860-6900 (303) 869-4860 TDD/TTY Website E-mail (303) 869-4867 • 2023-2024 #244

“Valuation for Assessments”2 • 2023-2024 #245

“Valuation for Assessments”2 • 2023-2024 #246

“Valuation for Assessments”2 • 2023-2024 #247 – “

Valuation for Assessments”2 • 2023-2024 #248

“Property Tax Revenue”2 • 2023-2024 #249

“Property Tax Revenue”2 • 2023-2024 #224

“Concerning Amendments to Initiated Statutes”2 • 2023-2024 #225

“Consumer Energy Choice”2 • 2023-2024 #226 – “

Consumer Energy Choice”2 • 2023-2024 #227

“Prohibit Government Restrictions Based on Energy Source”2 • 2023-2024 #250

“Judicial Retention Elections”2 • 2023-2024 #228

“Patient Access to Information Related to Adverse Medical Incidents”2 • 2023-2024 #204

“Rights of Parents”2 • 2023-2024 #205

“Parental Notification of Gender Incongruence”2 • 2023-2024 #206

“Parental Rights Concerning Public Education Records”2 • 2023-2024 #207

“Parental Consent for Health Care Treatment of a Child”2 • 2023-2024 #208

“Parental Consent for Health Care Treatment of a Child”2 • 2023-2024 #175

“Prohibit Certain Medical Procedures for Minors”2 (Rehearing) • 2023-2024 #220 – “Public Athletics Programs for Minors”2 (Rehearing) • 2023-2024 #201 – “Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting”2 (Rehearing) • 2023-2024 #202 – “Ballot Access Through Caucus and Assembly Process”2 • 2023-2024 #203 – “Ballot Access Through Party Endorsement2 • 2023-2024 #210 – “Concerning the Conduct of Elections”2 (Rehearing) • 2023-2024 #212 – “Concerning the Conduct of Elections”2 (Rehearing) • 2023-2024 #219 – “Elections to Fill Vacancies in the General Assembly”2 (Rehearing) • 2023-2024 #188 – “Concerning the Conduct of Elections2 (Refiled) • 2023-2024 #231 – “Concerning the Conduct of Elections”2 • 2023-2024 #223 – “Concerning Election Procedures”2 (Rehearing) III. Broadcast and audio recording of hearing Join the meeting online at: Please be advised all participants will be muted to start; participants, objectors, and the public will be allowed opportunities to speak on the initiatives if they wish to do so but will need to unmute themselves. After the meeting concludes, a recording will be available on our audio broadcasts page here: IV. Additional initiative information To access Initiative Information, including proposed initiative text, visit the Initiative Tracking page. 2Unofficial caption assigned by legislative staff for tracking purposes. This caption is not part of the titles set by the Board. 2 V. Office contact If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office via email at or by phone at (303) 894-2200 ext. 6328.

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