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The Man Accused in the Ft. Lyon Fire Awaits Next Court Date Set for August

(Las Animas, CO) -- You're not alone if you think it's been a long time waiting for the man accused in the Ft. Lyon Fire to have his day in court.

Now, Greg Champney is on the Bent County Docket set for a status conference for August 2nd at 10 A.M. A status conference is a simple check in to see if both sides are ready to proceed to trial. A motions hearing will be the next step and one is scheduled for October 9th at 10 A.M although that could still change pending the outcome of the status conference. It's said the wheels of justice turn slowly. One might believe that since the fire happened April 12, 2022.

Champney was a code enforcement officer for the City of Las Animas at the time of the fire. He was on paid administrative leave in the months following the fire after he turned himself into the Bent County Sheriffs office.

We will continue to follow this story.


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