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The Constitutional Carry Bill is Shot Down in Committee

(Denver, CO) -- You will not be able to carry a firearm without a concealed carry permit as a bill that would allow constitutional carry died in committee Tuesday. Representative Ron Hanks sponsored the bill that would have allowed a person 21 years and older to carry concealed without a permit. The bill did not change the fact that one must still have a background check to purchase a firearm.

According to the text in House Bill 22-1033:

under existing law, a permit is valid for 5 years. The bill makes a permit valid for the life of the permit holder. Existing permits, other than temporary emergency permits, are converted to lifetime permits. The bill repeals local government authority to regulate open or concealed carry of a handgun, including repealing the authority of special districts and the governing boards of institutions of higher education, as applicable.

The bill was heard in the Public & Behavioral Health & Human Services Committee. The vote to postpone the bill indefinitely was the last action of the day in the committee hearing.

Click here to listen to Southeastern Colorado Representatives Ron Pelton and Richard Holtorf speak out on the bill before the vote was taken.


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