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The Art Project in La Junta Moves Forward

(La Junta, CO) -- Zeke Ayala went before city council Monday night with his ducks in a row. The artist is planning to bring in artists to paint murals on the back of businesses in the alley off third street between Colorado Avenue and Santa Fe.

City Attorney Phil Malouf asked Ayala to make sure a few things are in place at the last meeting and Monday night, he answered with an update.

Ayala told council he has obtained written permission from the business owners of the buildings to paint on their walls. He's also talked to La Junta Fire Chief Brad Davidson and La Junta Police Chief Todd Quick about safety concerns that were raised at the last meeting. Quick even thought they might be able to donate a cruiser to display art from the artists. It was decided that there would be no dumpster painting at this time because Ayala said they have plenty to do as it is. They're allocating a wall for the public to come and paint on and said the artists could even provide some mentorship and guidance on that.

The event, that's set to happen in October, will involve the Cheerleaders and Goal Academy according to Ayala. And to date, the Art Project has gathered support of 13 sponsors. The alley is ready thanks to volunteers who cleaned it up and just waiting for the artists to arrive and paint. Artists are coming in from all over the country Ayala mentioned.

"We're trying to keep it local as much as possible." Ayala furthered.

City attorney Malouf thanked Ayala for his diligence to make sure the event is a safe and fun event for the community.

The Art Project is open to the public to watch as artists paint. It's set for October 1st and 2nd in the alley off third between Colorado Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue in La Junta.

Here's the video with the update from Ayala from Monday night's public La Junta City council meeting.


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