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TESTING, testing...

(La Junta, CO) -- Otero County Clerk and Recorder Lyn Scott reports her office has scheduled a test of the voting machines.

Scott says the LATs, or Logic and Accuracy testing will take place Monday, October 10th and Tuesday, October 11th starting at 9am each day. The testing is open to the public and will take place in room 107 of the Otero County courthouse across the hall from the social services conference room.

Functionality and accuracy of voting machines has come under fire and with great scrutiny in recent years.

According to Liberty First, some of the machines in Colorado reportedly failed these LATS or Logic and Accuracy tests. A test completed in El Paso County, where Colorado Springs is located, failed according to the Gateway Pundit which has been criticized for being right wing news by some. There are many other counties who show up in internet searches with failed tests. And there have been challenges with machines malfunctioning according to an article in the associated press.

Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswold maintains that Colorado elections are safe, however. On her website, there's an extensive section dedicated to reassuring Coloradoans that their vote is counted and safe. You can read more here.

The election is Tuesday, November 8th. Ballots should start arriving in the mail soon and the blue book, which explains the ballot initiatives has already arrived. Voters who didn't receive the Blue Book should visit their county clerk and recorder.


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