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Single Use Plastics Bill Is A Popular Search This Week

(Denver, CO) -- After Senator Kevin Priola and Representative Brianna Titone introduced House Bill 22-1134 this past week, it became one of the most searched for bills on the legislature's website. The measure would seek to curb the use of single use plastics in takeout food containers, utensils and condiment packages.

The bill states that a plastic container can only be given to the customer if they request it.

Under the legislative declaration of the bill, it states the purpose is to mitigate harmful effects on the state's natural resources and environment after plastic products are disposed of there.

The bill was introduced and now moves to the Business Affairs and Labor committee. That committee is expected to meet five times in February but none has the bill listed for discussion for that month. There is no fiscal note yet uploaded to the site, as of Sunday January 30th. The fiscal note is how the state plans to pay for enforcement of the law should it become one.

How to contact your lawmaker. Here are the lawmakers who currently represent Southeast Colorado.

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