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Rocky Ford Company Wins TOP Award for Having a Very Cool Product

The following is a news release from the Colorado Chamber of Commerce

(Denver, CO) -- Colorado Chamber announced that the SunSpring Hybrid purification system by Innovative Water Technologies has been named the Coolest Thing Made in Colorado for 2022. The award was presented at the Colorado Chamber’s annual meeting luncheon.

The SunSpring Hybrid system is manufactured in Rocky Ford, Colo. and provides safe drinking water for U.S. water systems and developing communities around the world. It is a portable solar- and wind-powered, self-contained microbiological water purification system capable of producing up to and exceeding 20,000 liters per day for 10 years. The system is currently deployed in 38 countries worldwide and is used for schools, hospitals, humanitarian projects, disasters, and even complete villages.

“We could not be more proud of the fascinating and diverse products nominated in our first annual Coolest Thing Made in Colorado competition,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman. “The SunSpring water purification system is an incredible example of the impact Colorado manufacturers can have on our communities and a fitting representation of how Colorado-made products can change lives. Congratulations to our winner and to all of our finalists!”

The Colorado Chamber also recognized special categories of winners, including:

Coolest Thing Made in Colorado Runner-Up

Tether Vertebral Body Tethering System by ZimVie Spine

People’s Choice Award

Tether Vertebral Body Tethering System by ZimVie Spine

Best Food and Beverage

Marble Vodka 80 by Marble Distilling Company

Best Gift

Beer Darts Set by Beer Darts Company

Best Outdoor Gear

Handmade Skis by Meier Skis

Nominations for the Coolest Thing Made in Colorado opened in August and the top 10 finalists were announced on October 3, 2022.

The People’s Choice Award winner was decided by online popular vote conducted this earlier this month. The Coolest Thing Made in Colorado award and other special categories were selected by an independent committee, who reviewed and assessed each nomination for the contest, determined the finalists, and ultimately selected the winners.

To watch the awards ceremony video from the event, please click here.


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