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Parents Right To Be Involved in Child's Education Resolution Fails in Committee

(Denver,CO) -- When Colorado lawmakers Senator Bob Gardner and Representative Tonya Van Beeber brought their Senate Joint Resolution before the State committee Tuesday they said it was to give parents the right to see what their children are learning in school.

However, Vice Chair Sonya Jaquez Lewis responded that she understood that parents already have the ability to look into the books and lesson plans administered in the schools. Lewis says it could be an added burden to already very busy teachers.

Senator Gardner says he's astonished at the concern and didn't bring the issue as a bill because he didn't want to bring a legal obligation. He says he wants transparency in schools and finds it hard to understand why everyone wouldn't want to know what their kids are learning.

Lewis replied the transparency portals are new to schools. She said she still doesn't know why they were addressing this resolution. She asked for Gardner to name a school that's keeping information from parents.

The Senate Resolution failed on a vote of three to two and was postponed indefinitely.

Other agenda items in the Senate State, Civic and Military affairs committee on Tuesday was a bill that would fund a study on pollinators in the state to protect bees and a bill that gives special protections to election officials to prevent doxing. Both of those bills made it out of committee.


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