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Open Meeting Records Are Available to You, the Public

(Colorado) -- You really just have to ask if you want to see the entirety of a public meetings happenings. This includes agendas, minutes and audio files if they are available.

According to the Colorado Sunshine Law, you can see it here, Public notice of public meetings of elected officials and others doing business on the people's behalf must be posted in a public place. These days that can be on-line on an official website or posted on a bulletin board in a public place, such as the courthouse.

Here's what some southeast Colorado counties do to make their minutes available to the public.

  • For the Bent County meeting minutes from a commissioners meeting for example, you can request copies of the notes from the Clerk and Recorder and have them in about a week. This county does not record the audio of public meetings.

When you call or visit the office, have the exact date of the meeting ready for them. There might be a wait time to receive the documents and/or files.

Government, local, state and federal is required to be accountable and transparent in their actions. It is your right to ask to see what is happening.

Here is the document in full that explains the Colorado Sunshine Law:

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