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Ark Valley Kitchen of Kindness Prepares for First Meal

(La Junta, CO) -- When a few friends in Southeast Colorado decided they should start a homeless shelter it morphed into starting with a Soup Kitchen. Otero county residents Chris Coffield, Val Clark recently told us that Kitchen of Kindness was born out of a few conversations. Now, after some organizing and putting resources together, the group is set to launch their first meal April 1st at 5pm from the Santa Fe Plaza Park in La Junta. The first meal they’ll serve to the area homeless is Chicken Noodle Soup, along with desserts. Right now, they need support, volunteers for future meals and such. They hope to be able to offer a hot meal to all of the homeless residing in the area. There are dreams to make the project a non-profit. If you want to listen to the interview with Chris and Val, click here for the link.


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