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Judge Oks Subpoenas to Move Forward on Attempted Kidnapping Cases in Crowley County

(WARNING, a quote from the arrest affidavit has curse words in it and is represented as it was said in the court document)

(Ordway, CO) -- There will now be subpoenas sent to a health care facility treating a woman who faces attempted kidnapping charges in Crowley County.

Judge Mark MacDonnell stated that the process to move forward in defendant Charlene Port’s cases has been slow to advance. He said three months later now, we still don’t know why there’s been a delay. Defense attorney Seth Johnson told the court that he believes that Port has done her part in complying with treatment. Assistant district attorney Jim Bullock explained that Port needs to sign a medical release in order for the evaluation to continue. Judge Mark MacDonnell asked that the release be sent to the 16t judicial court immediately and that Port’s attorney stay with her to make sure that she understands the release and that it be signed. The subpoenas that will be sent out will go to the doctor evaluating Port and the center administering care. The parties will be required to be present by virtual appearance December 2nd at 9am.

Charlene Port, a Las Animas County resident, has been in court in the cases against her for alleged possible attempted kidnapping and posting a law enforcement officer's personal information online.

The case received national attention after it was learned that Port allegedly was doxing a fertility specialist in Weld County who Port claims stole two of her embryos at an auction. The case is in the 16th Judicial district, Crowley County because according to court documents CNYW obtained, Port was attempting to locate and take those two Crowley County children she believed to be hers.

The arrest affidavit states that Port left her home in Las Animas County to drive to Ordway and bought a memory book from the elementary school in 2020. She then placed the photographs from that book on her social media Facebook page. The names of the children were redacted, or left out, from the court document to protect their identity. It was confirmed that Port isn't related to the children or to the parents.

When Sheriff's deputies from Las Animas County contacted Port to explain to her that if she attempted to take the children, she would be charged with kidnapping. Port then, according to the court document, became upset and stated, "I'm going to blow your fucking head off pig" she repeated "fucking pig," and then hung up.

Port also faced charges in Weld County for allegedly threatening a fertility doctor through the internet and mail. The arrest affidavit states that in 2020 the Erie Police Department contacted the Crowley County Sheriff’s office because they discovered social media posts on the platform, MeWe, of where it was believed that Port was using the name "Sharleen Targon" to post photographs of a deputy to include his wife, his date of birth and names of family members. The post made under the name of Sharleen Targon details the raid on her home. Some of the posts that were discovered and reported were shown to be posted on the day after Port was released from the Crowley County jail.

Colorado News Your Way first became aware of this case in Crowley County after comments and posts in news story threads under the name Donald Eanes made claims toward certain court officials in the 16th Judicial district. The posts and comments had nothing to do with our posts. This is when we started looking into this. Here are some of the screenshots of what got our attention. We also discovered that port may be using the name Jane Hendricks to continue posting.

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