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It's TAX Day

(Denver, CO) -- But wait, it's April 18th, wasn't that supposed to be on April 15th? This year, Americans got a little more time due to the fact that April 15th fell on Good Friday, a Holy observance.

If you are still finding that you need more time to file your taxes, you can request it. According to the IRS website, individual tax filers, no matter how much money they earn can electronically request more time. Filling out the on-line form gives you until October 15th to file your tax return. Should that dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the due date is delayed until the next business day. You'll want to make sure your envelope is addressed correctly and postmarked by the date.

Meanwhile, if you're done with your taxes today and just haven't mailed them, the Colorado tax office in Denver says if you've waited this late it's better to file electronically.


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