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Freedom for Children to Play Outside in Colorado, Bill Moves Forward to Protect Parents

(Denver, CO) -- It was the second reading on the house floor this week for a bill that would allow children reasonable independence to engage in activities without finding that the child is abused or neglected. That's verbiage straight from the bill's text which has bipartisan support. It goes on to say:

Under current law, a child is neglected or dependent if the child's environment is injurious to the child's health or welfare. The bill clarifies that a child is not neglected when allowed to participate in certain independent activities that a reasonable and prudent parent, guardian, or legal custodian would consider safe given the child's maturity, condition, and abilities.

Representative Kim Ransom, a sponsor on the bill, stated she wants kids to be kids and have experiences like she did. She said she has such fond memories of being old enough that her parents would allow her and her friends to walk to the pond near their home to catch polliwogs. Ransom also mentioned that the bill was written because many of the investigations into possible child neglect and endangerment, as much as 82 percent, coming from calls reporting kids playing outside were unsubstantiated to show neglect.

The bill passed second reading with no amendments added. It is scheduled to be heard for a third reading Friday, February 18th and is expected to pass.

The bills that are on the schedule to be heard for a second reading, Friday are posted below:

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