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Free Training to be a Weather Spotter

(Pueblo, CO) -- When meteorologist Greg Heavener says the National Weather Service needs folks in Southeast Colorado to help, he's talking about becoming a weather spotter. It's a fun and free class offered to the public by the National Weather service. Heavener says the class helps train people in what to look for in a storm, clouds, rainfall, etc. Because radar only gathers so much data, Heavener says it is vital to have eyes and ears on the ground helping report conditions. He says it keeps people safe when the information is shared. If you would like to know more about the SKYWarn Storm Spotter Program, here is the link.

There is a class coming up soon in Crowley county. And to listen to an interview with Meteorologist Greg Heavener about the class and what the spring weather outlook is like, head over to our LISTEN tab or just click here.


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