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Finish Line for the Collective Bargaining Bill

(Denver, CO) -- Like teenagers waiting until the last minute to complete homework assignments, the Colorado General Assembly had quite a load of bills to act on yesterday. It was the final day of the 2022 legislative session and as of last night, Senate Bill 22-230 had passed the house.

The bill would allow collective bargaining for counties in Colorado. Otero County commissioners were opposed to the bill and said their workers already had that right. They went on to say it would be an unfunded mandate however, if the state required them to do it.

Baca, Bent, Kiowa, Crowley and Prowers were also in opposition to the legislation.

The legislation should be headed to the Governor's desk. In the 11th hour it passed the House floor, and the history shows the Senate agreed to concur on the final amendments added.

The fiscal note attached to the bill shows that on May 10th it was amended to require that for fiscal year 2022-23, the bill requires and includes an appropriation of $326,092 to the Department of Labor and Employment.

County commissioners have stated they feel the legislation could eventually demand they make cuts to staff in order to support the added costs to their budgets.


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