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Dangerous New Drug Stronger Than Fentanyl Could Already Be in Southeast Colorado

(Colorado) -- Multiple news headlines across the state and even across the country are warning that a new drug, more powerful and deadly than Fentanyl is making its way across Colorado.

In July, the presence of N-pyrrolidino Etonitazene, or "Pyro" as it's known on the streets was discovered in Mesa County. According to 11 news in Grand Junction, it is as much as 1,500 times more powerful than morphine. The article shows a comparison that Fentanyl is about 100 times more powerful than morphine.

The Mesa County Sheriff's office identifies the drug as very similar in appearance to Fentanyl. It's light blue with darker blue spots scattered about on the pill, you'll see an "M" on one side and a "30" on the other.

It's not just found in pill form, according to the story, it can be in other forms too.

And news operations across the country are warning of it. Newsweek picked up the story.