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County Fairs Adapt to Draw In Urban Tourists

(Hugo, CO) -- In Hugo, Colorado the Super Bowl of rural living is now.

The county fair is the time when the 4H and FFA students bring their animals to compete for ribbons and prizes.

And for a last couple of years, the pandemic showed Lincoln county they could expand to include their city friends seeking something different to do.

Tourism Board member Tim Andersen says they added attractions to the fair after they noticed more people from big cities in the state coming to their fair. "They bring their children out and they get to see what it's like to live in a small rural community."

Andersen says there's ben a big uptick in folks moving out to live in the country. Because there are highways and strong internet now, they're able to do that. It is a business. And it shows the people living in the city it's more than a way of life.

The events that Andersen says he feels will appeal to all fair go-ers will be a Nerf gun wars event. Think paintball BUT without the mess. The course will be set up and you can challenge family members and friends. For the history buffs there will be a Mountain man rendezvous. These reenactment specialist will set up tents and campfires and show a basic look into days gone by. Expect to see demonstrations of outdoor cooking, ax demonstrations and more. They'll also be dressed in character of the time.

Ranch rodeos are back. The difference between a Ranch rodeo and a rodeo is that ranch rodeos have events that are real things you would do on a farm and ranch. This includes chores like sorting and penning, cutting, branding and milking.

The week wraps with a concert of Texas Music artists, William Clark Green and Kylie Frey. the concert tickets are 25 dollars in advance which you can buy at

or event brite. The gates open at 4 on Saturday the 13th and Kylie hits the stage at 5:30. Green performs after Frey.

The concert and the food you wish to enjoy are the only things you have to pay for.


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