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Councilmember Wants Bent County To Have Meetings on Facebook Live

(Las Animas, CO) -- Lynette Wolfe went before Bent County Commissioners this week to state she feels they need to make meetings more accessible to folks who work.

Wolfe is a councilwoman for the city of Las Animas and furthered she request with the fact the city has been broadcasting their public meetings on Facebook live.

"Your meetings are during busy workdays and people have jobs and can't always be here."

Commissioner Kim MacDonnell thanked Wolfe for coming to state her concerns and says they have not taken that step but they've talked about it.

"It shouldn't be a problem if you're not trying to keep anything from anyone." Wolfe said. "Minutes are great but they're not always 100 percent of what's happening."

Wolfe also suggested that the county have a sign in sheet for those coming to the meetings in person.

Commissioner Jean Sykes asked Wolfe what they do with the city of Las Animas when the technology fails. Wolfe said when it doesn't work it, it's unfortunate and the city is working on at least recording the meeting when it can't be on Facebook live.

The commissioners told Wolfe they would consider her request.


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