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Core Civic Seeing Success with Threshold Program

(Las Animas, CO) -- Self-reflection, breaking the cycle of suffering and conflict management are just a few of the skills that inmates at the Bent County Correctional Facility are learning.

Core Civics' Geraldine Cahill is the program facilitator and says it really works.

"We discuss different topics, we go through the personal growth and development and relationships and trying to make sure they have a relationship with themselves, so that they can carry on a relationship with somebody else."

She said it means they must love themselves first. The change can happen after that is achieved.

Cahill said that guys come in with a criminal mentality that they have to be tough. She said these basic changes that they work on help them learn to be more open, being positive about these basic changes.

There are four parts to the program. The measurable changes are noticeable for many.

Inmates must qualify to get into the program since it is a privilege. Cahill explains that they must be six months without a write up to get in.

"They must make sure they follow facility rules to a tee because they can be removed from the program as well. If they get written up, if they fight or if they anything and they know this and a lot of them like being in the place where they are now because everybody who I have in the pod is doing the same thing."

The behavior is contagious.

"They're helping each other out too."

I'm really glad that I'm able to help these guys make a transition in their life that they didn't think they could." Cahill concluded.

Cahill interviewed with us at a recent community luncheon Core Civic hosted for community members.


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