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Commissioners Opposed to Collective Bargaining Mandate Legislation

(Denver, CO) -- Southeast Colorado County Commissioners are watching for the introduction of a bill that would create unfunded mandates to counties to bring collective bargaining mandates to county employees. In a letter dated February 22, 2022, all six Southeast Colorado counties, of Crowley, Baca, Bent, Kiowa, Otero and Prowers all went on record to oppose the yet-to-be-introduced legislation. The letter represented 104 County Commissioners from 38 counties across Colorado.

The letter shows a concern that a mandate would cause financial hardships on individuals counties and would go against the history Colorado has had with local control. It's estimated some of the costs could eventually be felt by taxpayers.

The commissioners signing the letter state they are not against collective bargaining but feel it should be an decision each county can make for themselves not a one-size-fits all policy.

In a legislative update, CCI reports should the legislation pass and become law it could cost counties between $140 and $400 million in extra costs that could include legal and human resource staff.

According to its website, CCI, Colorado Counties Incorporated is a group of county commissioners that meet to work on solving problems such as financial issues, administrative, legislative, road construction and other problems.

Below are a few documents you can find on the CCI website on this issues.

CCI also has a YouTube channel where you can watch past meetings and legislative updates.

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