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Coloradoans Organize to Support Truckers

(Colorado) -- Rich Mack is just a Colorado man who says he wants to support efforts to end

the emergency powers act. Rich helped organize the group Colorado Freedom Convoy 2022. It was originally thought that a convoy in the United States like the one in Canada would pass through Colorado but now that has changed. Mack told us that social media posts are full of a lot of misinformation but he did say that they know that truckers will leave out of Barstow, California taking 1-40 east bound into St. Louis and I-70 into the Capital. If you would like to hear the interview in its entirety. Click here.

And here are more links to follow the Colorado Freedom Convoy 2022 group:

The People's Convoy (Official)

The People's Convoy Facebook (Official)

Brian Brase - GETTR

Mike Landis - GETTR

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