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Ballot Breakdown: Should Tax Information Tables be Added to Petitions & Ballots?

(Colorado) -- If you received that blue book in the mail, you know, there are quite a few ballot questions we will be deciding in November.

We'll be breaking down some of them for you here. You know, just in case you lost that blue book or someone threw it away, perhaps your dog ate it, we get it. Stuff happens.

Colorado ballot question GG deals with some transparency or at least some more information that could be available to you in the future. The title reads:

Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statues requiring that the ballot title and fiscal summary for any ballot initative that increases or decreases state income tax rates include a table showing the average tax change for tax filers in different categories?

If you vote YES, you want the information available to you. If you vote NO on Proposition GG you're fine with keeping it the way it is.

If you haven't received your Blue book in the next few days you can download a copy from the Colorado General Assembly's website, here.

Keep checking back as we'll run down everything that we get to decide that will be on the ballot.


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