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A Retirement Interview With Steve Keefer of Colorado Parks & Wildlife

(Bent County, Co) -- I don't get to put on bug spray and venture into the great outdoors on many interviews but this one I thought it would be the one where that made sense.

For more than three decades Colorado Parks and Wildlife has benefitted from the employ of Steve Keefer and he's retiring now.

We decided to meet in his office to talk....a wildlife area. The Purgatory State Wildlife area was the office of the day. This interview is a little different than those I've done with Steve in the past. He would usually come into our office, the radio station, and tell us about these things. This day was a show me these things kind of day. And despite the awful heat, it was a fun day too. Here is a video I made with photos taken and used to show what we were talking about. Yes, I decided NOT to video it and do it that way because I wanted to really pay attention to what he was saying and really enjoy the day. I hope you enjoy this too.

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