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Witnesses Take The Stand in Aragon Motions Hearing

(La Junta, CO) -- "Things didn't make sense," those words from a witness testifying in the Edward Aragon motions hearing Monday. That witness was former Colorado Bureau of Investigations agent Joseph Cahill. He spoke of the investigation he was working involving the Aragon case. Cahill was talking about a party that would fly his airplane into La Junta and work with the Rocky Ford Police department one day a week.

There were a lot of working parts to the overall case to understand. Another witness spoke of a bloody mattress topper, the eggcrate kind, that was in an evidence garage of the Rocky Ford Police department. This witness told the court that a lot of people had access to the garage.

Other information that surfaced during the motions hearing was the FBI had joined the CBI in the investigation.

Defense attorneys, Daniel Kent and Michael Stuzynski painted a picture of long time corruption within the Rocky Ford Police department. Assistant District Attorney Jim Bullock had even asked for a Grand Jury investigation. Bullock later stated in the hearing, "It's safe to say there's a lot of moving parts into the investigation of corruption in the Rocky Ford Police Department," however at the time when he asked for the Grand Jury indictments, the CBI advised him that it could hurt the investigation already in place.

In February, following a jury trial, Judge Michael Davidson declared it a mistrial due to the fact it was learned that the chain of evidence was compromised with the Rocky Ford Police Department.

At Monday's hearing, the State of Colorado had assigned Danielle Lewis from the Colorado Attorney General's Office to be present electronically for the hearing on Monday. There were many documents asked for to move forward so a deadline of May 31st was given to have those turned into the court.

Jury call is expected to be done by Thursday, May 19th in order to meet the timeline for the June 15th start day for selection. There's another motions hearing set for May 31st as the court simply ran out of time in the hearing on Monday.

Aragon will be on trial for the death of his girlfriend in Rocky ford in 2015.


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10 de jun. de 2022

Wow this is so crazy this is my Nephew dad.

My prayers go with him and the family and the family who lost there loved one.

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