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Wildfire Mitigation in Colorado to Get Attention

(Denver, CO) -- You don't have to look far on a map to notice that our state has someone in severe drought conditions at any given time. Wildfires are always a concern and what to do to control them and prevent them is getting some attention in Denver.

During the summer our elected state leaders, representatives, and state senators meet in committees. Wednesday's committee meeting of the Wildfire Matters Review Committee has a full agenda.

Topics expected to be addressed are:

  • Overview of Committee

  • Charge and Bill Request Process

  • Colorado State Forest Service

  • Department of Public Safety,

  • Division of Fire Prevention and Control

  • Department of Natural Resources

  • State Wildfire Spending Update

  • Update from Counties on Wildfire Projects and Challenges

  • Youth Corps Wildfire Activities

  • Public Testimony

There's a link to listen on-line. Find it here.

As always as we head into the fall season with high winds and dry vegetation, we'll be keeping an eye on local and regional wildfires that affect us here in Southeast Colorado.


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