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Wild Weather Friday

(Las Animas, CO) -- Waking up Saturday morning, you're likely just appreciating the rain the region received Friday night. It was a wild ride at times as SE Colorado had a thunderstorm watch, and then a warning and then eventually Bent County reported a tornado warning.

Christol Saunders lives on highway 194 near the Otero/Bent county line and was out in her yard watching the skies. She captured these beautiful but somewhat haunting weather photos.

Earlier in the day, I was just doing the mundane, cleaning out the email, organizing folders etc, when a notification popped up that the Colorado Storm Chasers were live. I hopped on over to see what they were finding. They said they were just heading east on H94 out of the Springs because it was fairly local enough for them to do. And they said they didn't expect much out of this storm. If you're not following them, do so, because they're very good. They explain where they are, where they're going and often what the storm is expected to do.

They headed east but missed some of the action out of Bent county.