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"Too Much On the Plate," Las Animas City Council is Officially Minus One Member

"Look at your plate and look at the I gottas,"

Dave Armstrong tells us he sought counsel on what to do about his busy life and balancing it all. The Las Animas English teacher, track coach LA Travel Club Sponsor, Husband Dad and City Council member decided that it would be City Council that must go.

Now officially former council member Armstrong explained it was a hard decision to write a letter of resignation but he just had to in order to be a better husband, dad, teacher and coach. He made the official announcement at Tuesday night's Special Call City Council Meeting.

Of all the things in his life, Armstrong said he had to take a duty off the plate to make himself better and that was it. He said there's no beef with council or with anything in particular, he's just too busy.

"It's not fair to fellow council members to do things half way." "I called everybody individually it's not like I dropped the letter and said "bye." We've built something that's really really cool and hopefully it continues.."

Now that his plate has more room, he doesn't get to be Dave, regular summer guy. He will hit the ground running managing his LA Travel Club taking students on trips out of the country to see the world, something he has been passionate about.


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