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Seven car Pile Up on Highway 50 Sends Four to Hospital

(SE Colorado) -- A Friday afternoon dust storm caused visibility issues and a seven car crash just west of the H287 exit on Highway 50. Colorado State patrol Sergeant John Bronnimon told us four people were take to the hospital with injuries but the extent of those injuries is unknown. One of the four, however, a woman, was seriously injured and taken to Parkview in Pueblo.

We were on that highway headed east to Lamar when we were re-routed up through McClave using H196 east to H287. The photo we were able to get showed many cars and multiple emergency crews working the scene.

Sergeant Bronnimon said his former Colorado State Patrol Captain, Tim Knabensheue happened to be driving through this on his way back to Otero county and even though he is retired now, stopped to see if he could help somehow.

One person had to be extricated from a truck and Sgt. Bronnimon said that probably took a couple of hours.

Earlier in the day, many of us received a text notification warning of the dust storm for the region. The text read that if caught in the dust storm to pull over and stay off the brake. We asked Sgt. Bronnimon what that meant because many of you asked us.

He explained that if a car that is stationary is hit and the brake is engaged, the force of the impact will be greater and greater injuries could occur.

Sergeant Bronnimon stated there would be an official news release expected sometime Saturday.

As always if you come upon a serious crash, stay safe and don't try and get out to take photos. We appreciate information you can give us but never want you to put yourself in danger to do so.

~Anne Boswell


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