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Rocky Ford Hosts Candidates For "Ten Talks"

(Rocky Ford. CO) -- Local, state and candidates for the office of US Senate took turns telling a crowd why they want to serve Thursday night at the Grand Theatre in Rocky Ford.

In the primary for the Republican party, there will be two candidates for Otero County commissioner, Barry Shioshita and Tim Knabenshue. Both men were give three minutes to introduce themselves and tell why they want to represent Otero County.

If you missed it, you can watch the opening comments here:

Candidates for Colorado Governor both felt that Colorado could be made better and told the crowd what they would do. Candidate Greg Lopez says as a business owner and former mayor he knows what it takes to lead. Lopez told us in an interview that he believes Hispanics have been told they should vote for the Democrat candidate because they are for minorities. As a minority, Lopez said he feels nothing about that makes sense to him.

He said he wants to reach the Hispanic community that has largely been ignored.

"The Hispanic community truly is in our mind set, they're strong in their faith, they work hard, they want their kids to have a good education, they want government to stay out of their way and so it's important for us to continue to grow those individuals that are understanding that we're together and they're looking for a better life." Lopez said.

Heidi Ganahl also wants to be Governor of Colorado. As a CU regent and small business owner she feels that has prepared her to lead the Centennial state. She added in an interview with Colorado News Your Way that she wants to protect the American Dream and the Colorado way of life for her children.

"I feel like it's a special moment in time with the momentum we're seeing nationwide that we have a real opportunity to take our state back, so I wanna put my hand up and be the change we want to see." Ganahl added.

Ganahl said she's already proven she can win statewide as she did when she was elected as CU regent. "I think I have the right playbook and I think I have the right message with the unaffiliated voters." She added that would be focusing on being tough on crime and the working on the cost of living would be some of the concerns she would work on as governor.


Anne Boswell

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