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Printing Press Closes, Small Town Newspapers Affected

(Pueblo, CO) -- More than a dozen small town newspapers in Colorado face some big challenges as the Chieftain Commercial Printing Press announced they’ll close their press in August, namely finding someone else to print their daily and weekly newspapers.

According to an announcement on social media, more than 60 people could lose their jobs in August. The press prints newspapers for the Bent County Democrat, the Rocky Ford Gazette, Trinidad Chronicle News, the Kiowa County Independent, The La Junta Democrat, the Fowler Tribune, The Limon Leader and the Pueblo Chieftain to name a few. In an earlier article published in the Pueblo Star Journal on the history of the press, Manager Todd Albo stated,

“If this press wasn’t running, the smaller town papers would be out of business. These little towns wouldn’t have a newspaper.”

As of now, there’s no word on which newspapers would have the ability to go 100 percent on-line or which ones would seek alternate ways to get a newspaper printed and distributed.

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Sue Keefer
Sue Keefer
Jun 15, 2023

How very sad. Small town newspapers certainly aren't what they used to be, but this is almost a death knell. Never in my days in journalism school or working on newspapers did I ever think this would happen.

Replying to

We never thought it could happen. I've stayed hopeful that we are all able to stay in the ring for news gathering, writing, and sharing. Competition across multiple platforms makes us all better and a more informed citizenry is vital for the community. We echo your sentiment. Thank you for commenting and following. ~Anne

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