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Prices at the Pump Vary Across SE Colorado Right Now

(Las Animas, CO) -- It's probably just Las Animas' turn right now to be on the high end for gasoline prices. La Junta has been there in recent months. That's what it seems after a quick look at the Gas Buddy website.

We were curious after several complaints on a social media group page called the small Bent County out for being at the top right now. The pain at the pump is real, no matter who you are. So we took a look for comparison sake.

As of 3:30 pm Las Animas was reporting the low price as $4.39 and high at $4.55.

To compare, La Junta had a low price of $3.94 and a high price of $3.99. In Lamar, you can find it as cheap as $3.49 and as expensive as $3.98. Pueblo has $3.44 and $3.52. And Colorado Springs was $3.64 and $3.65. In Texas, you'll find it in Amarillo at $3.29 and $3.31.

Maybe the Las Animas stations just aren't out of the expensive stuff they purchased a while ago so we're not sure if this will follow the trends elsewhere in the Valley.

If you'd like to check prices for yourself, go to and you can download the gas buddy app for your phone. It even allows you to be a reporter of prices so that we all stay informed.


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