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Police Investigate Sunday Night Shooting in Rocky Ford

Updated: May 31, 2022

(Rocky Ford, CO) -- Rocky Ford police confirm they are in an active investigation on a shooting that occurred Sunday night. Police would not release further details they have because they explained an investigation is pending.


Ok, so that's the official story and yes, it's short. Often times in our very small community we hear of things happening such as a shooting and it gets a lot of interest. There's also a lot of concern.

The following is from Norman Kincaide, who happened to hear it from Main and Beech Ave. He recounts what happened below in his own words.

I heard what I thought were 2 shots, not in quick succession, but separated by a second or so. At first I thought it was firecrackers. They sounded funny. Upon further reflection, the shots might have been fired inside a vehicle which would have sounded different from shots fired outside.

I went out my front door which faces Beech Avenue. I stood there for a few seconds. Then I see a guy running south on Main Street on the sidewalk in front of my house. He turns west on Beech and runs right by me, not ten feet away. He must have seen me because he exclaimed: "What the F--- is going on!"

He didn't stop, just kept running west on the sidewalk along my property toward the alley. I lost track of him.

Then a vehicle exits the alley with no lights on, all I could see was the outline of a sedan, it wasn't a pickup or SUV. It turned west on Beech.

A few minutes later another guy walked by my front door and out into the street heading west on Beech Avenue.

Not long after that a pickup towing a flatbed trailer arrived north bound on Main and pulled up in front of the entrance to the fair grounds. Another pickup pulled up and parked by the National Guard Maintenance Garage.

That's when I made the call to the Rocky Ford Police Department at 9 P.M. as it shows on my cell phone.

It was about 9:30 P.M. when I saw the police had arrived at the entrance to the fair grounds.

Then a Rocky Ford police officer came searching along the sidewalk with a flashlight and I asked him what he was searching for. He said: "A blood trail, somebody was shot. He's now at the hospital in La Junta."

Later a wrecker arrived and towed a SUV with big wheels and skinny tires, looked like an GMC or Chevy.

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