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Paint & Connect is Back

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

(Las Animas, CO) -- Las Animas Councilwoman Cassandra Siefkas proudly posted on her social media that another year of Paint and Connect is planned. The program uses community volunteers to paint homes in the town that really need it. The homes selected are also home owners that could use a little help, such as the elderly.

Here is the information about the upcoming project.

Paint and Connect 2022 Update!

1. The list of houses is finalized! 11 homes for Group Mission, and one home for our local youth to work on. Let's do what we do best, Las Animas: Get it done! We made it happen last year, let's gear up to do it again! We have l

3. Read on to see how you can help:

- loan out a ladder ( your name and address will be written on it in permanent marker).

- If you have painting, carpentry, or construction backgrounds - you can volunteer to be a Local Project Advisor!

- Help in the kitchen to help feed our Group Mission volunteers from out of town

- Help scrape and prep two large homes before the week of Paint & Connect (June 20th - July 1st)

contact Cassandra if you'd like to help at


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