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Otero county covid cases on the rise

(La Junta, CO) -- There's been a color change to the covid dial for one southeast Colorado community. Otero county moved from yellow to orange with the addition of extra cases this week. The color change update came out Sunday from Otero county health department director Rick Ritter. Crowley county remains in yellow with the number of cases reported. Meanwhile, there’s still free testing if you’d like one. Otero college hosts it on Wednesdays from noon to four in the McDivitt gym, Fridays you can get a swab at either the Crowley county nursing center from 9 to 11 or the Rocky Ford Public Safety Building from one until four.

The following information was available from the Otero/Crowley county health department:

  1. Current Crowley/Otero COVID-19 Rate Status

ü One Week Cumulative Incidence Rate (per 100,000) Ranges

§ Green Level: 0-35

§ Blue Level: 36-100

§ Yellow Level: 101-300

§ Orange Level: 301-500

§ Red Level: 501+

ü COVID-19 Dashboard: COVID-19 dial dashboard | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

ü Crowley County: Crowley’s rate is in Yellow Level with a current 1 week cumulative incidence rate of 149.2 (for the data period of 10/9/2021-10/15/2021).

ü Otero County: Otero’s rate is in Orange Level with a current 1 week cumulative incidence rate of 361.0 (for the data period of 10/9/2021-10/15/2021).


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