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Otero County Consolidates Dispatch Calls to Rocky Ford

In case you don't have Facebook and you're not following the Otero County Sheriff's Office News Page, Sheriff Shawn Mobley posted the following information:

The Otero County Sheriff’s Office has contracted with the Rocky Ford Communications Center to provide dispatch services for the Otero County Sheriff’s Office. Beginning August 1st, 2022, the new dispatch number for deputy response will be 719-254-3344. 911 calls are automatically rerouted to the Communications Center.

The office phone number, 719-384-5941, will remain available for civil process, jail and office administration (concealed handgun permits, general assistance, etc.).

The Otero County Sheriff’s Office made the decision to consolidate with the Rocky Ford Communications Center to be more efficient, increase officer and deputy safety, and communicate better with the other first responder agencies in Otero County. The County Emergency Operations Center is also located in the Comms Center, which is more centrally located in the County and being Co-located will help with managing large-scale incidents.

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