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Ooopsie! Gas is 69 CENTS!

You've probably got your social media feed filled with photos of the final price at the pump of your friends and family. It's certainly something people have been doing because even though gas prices have continued to climb for months now, folks still can't believe it's truly happening.

Imagine you pull in to your favorite place to get gas and the price you're paying is 69 cents a gallon! No, we didn't get in the way back time machine, but it did happen at a station in California.

Here's the story posted from our news friends at KKTV from their sister station.

Can you only imagine how fast that word traveled?

Meanwhile, here at home you can help out your friends by using the Gas Buddy app and reporting the prices you do see. In turn, when it's your turn to fill up you can log on and see if you can find the cheapest place to go.

It's going to take all of us to survive this.

If you know of cheap gas, let us know.


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