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No Weather Worries here my friend

Wednesday night when the alert went out, I knew, instantly. Read to the end to find out how I knew it was real.

When I worked as the news director for KBLJ I had the awesome chance to work with the National Weather Service out of Pueblo as a weather ready nation station. I learned a lot. It was geektastically fun. Yes, not a word but seriously the only way to describe the information they provided to me so that I could help you.

There's a lot of emphasis now on educating everyday folks like you and me about the weather. It's what the National Weather Service does when they provide weather spotter training to us. There are so many resources available.

The one resource that caused me to look more closely at Wednesday night's thunderstorm warning and then a tornado warning was an awful noise alert on my phone. You cannot ignore it, it's much like the tone that goes out for an Amber alert (missing children report).

After this big honking noise, hubs and I loaded up in Vonda the Honda, our very old and very trusty vehicle we use to rack up lots of miles and we headed west on the highway to follow the storm.

You can get these alerts too sometimes before any alert goes out to the media. Just sign up here and make sure to read up on it.

One of my greatest pleasures in delivering information to SE Colorado is to follow a storm. It's probably the Oklahoma girl deep down inside that wants to video and photograph some deep, dark and ominous clouds.

I wanted to share this link with you. I hope you'll stay safe in the storms yet to come but I hope you'll continue to follow on social media when we go live and interact. It's what makes a community a family.

here it is. Get signed up. :)


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