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New Executive Order Concerning Marijuana Usage Concerns Core Civic in Bent County

(Las Animas, CO) -- A fairly new executive order signed by Colorado Governor Jared Polis regarding the use of marijuana raised some questions of Core Civic Warden Virgil Ensey.

Ensey spoke about it at this week's Bent County Commissioners Meeting.

"How you test someone under the influence at work for that, I don't know, it's not a breathalyzer or anything along those lines." Ensey said Core Civic will not be a part of that unless they are forced into it being a state partner.

In a news release from the State of Colorado, Governor Polis explained the reasoning for his executive order.

“The exclusion of people from the workforce because of marijuana-related activities that are lawful in Colorado, but still criminally penalized in other states, hinders our residents, economy and our State. No one who lawfully consumes, possesses, cultivates or processes marijuana pursuant to Colorado law should be subject to professional sanctions or denied a professional license in Colorado. This includes individuals who consume, possess, cultivate or process marijuana in another state in a manner that would be legal under Colorado law,” said Gov. Polis.

The order explains a workforce shortage has made it hard for employers to keep workers.

Ensey said the prison system is also seeing difficulties in retaining staff. He mentioned a recent challenge for Sterling, Colorado losing workers to neighboring Nebraska who was paying more money per hour plus giving a $10,000 signing bonus.

The complete executive order is posted below"


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