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Motions Hearing Day Two is Today for Edward Aragon

(La Junta, CO) -- It's day two for a second motions hearing in district court in Otero county. It's for the murder trial of Edward Aragon. He's accused of killing his girlfriend in Rocky Ford in 2015.

At the last motions hearing, the court heard from former Colorado Bureau of Investigations agent Joseph Cahill. He spoke of the investigation he was working involving the Aragon case.

Other subjects brought up, a bloody mattress topper, the eggcrate kind, that was in an evidence garage of the Rocky Ford Police department. Another witness who worked in Rocky Ford at the time told the court that a lot of people had access to the garage.

Other information that surfaced during the first day of motions hearings was the FBI had joined the CBI in the investigation.

Defense attorneys, Daniel Kent and Michael Stuzynski painted a picture of long time corruption within the Rocky Ford Police department. Assistant District Attorney Jim Bullock had even asked for a Grand Jury investigation. Bullock later stated in the hearing, "It's safe to say there's a lot of moving parts into the investigation of corruption in the Rocky Ford Police Department," however at the time when he asked for the Grand Jury indictments, the CBI advised him that it could hurt the investigation already in place.

We don't know what yet will be presented today, just that there is a part two to the motions hearing. It's expected to start at 8:30 at the courthouse in Division A. The jury trial is scheduled for later this month.


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